The sun is our drive.

THE SUN DRIVES US – every day and every hour. It makes what we call life possible. And it is the true engine of our economy.

It is this awareness that motivates us to operate sustainably and to bring the now proverbial power of the sun into our company. With our own photovoltaic power plant, including hydrogen storage – a plant that seeks its equal in the SME sector in Germany.

We would be pleased to share the competence that we have acquired in energy autonomy over recent years with you. Just talk to us!

BUT FOR US, SUSTAINABILITY isn't just a buzzword used to describe how energy can be generated these days, it has rather always been the basis for how we work with our partners. Over the last 20 years, we have regarded our customers as partners with whom we have always worked together to develop the best solutions.

We see ourselves as the intermediary between modern research, on the one hand, and increasingly demanding challenges, on the other.

This commitment is also reflected in each of our products.

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